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How to Engage Contingent Workers

Posted on: January 12, 2018 Allied Forces January 3, 2019


A contingent worker is someone who works for an organization on a non-permanent basis, also known as a temporary employee. A contingent worker can be a substantial asset for a company. However, they are the most difficult to keep engaged due to the lack of permanency their position holds. The contingent workforce is vastly growing and it is critical for companies to be aware of their needs. Due to different needs from a contingent worker, the strategy for employment engagement must be approached differently.

How to Motivate Employees That are Contingent Workers

As a staffing agency, Allied Forces can help build and establish relationships with temp workers. Temporary workers require more attention when it comes to motivation. They are on a temporary job and do not have motivational rewards to work towards such as a promotion, a raise and paid time off. Below are tips to keeping a contingent worker motivated:

Make them feel welcome. Many times contingent workers are treated differently than full time employees. Include them in social events, training and company outings. An open company culture will increase your employee retention
Stay connected. Don’t forget about your temporary worker or put them on the back burner. Keep constant communication and give them the guidance they need
Reward them. Give your contingent worker the recognition they deserve. If they go above and beyond, incentivizing will help improve your employee’s engagement.
Have next actions prepared. Unlike full time employees, a temporary worker has to constantly consider how they will pay their bills. Giving them early notice of future work or lack of work will greatly influence whether they come back for another project or not.

8 Traits of Engaged Employees

Engaged employees are essential to a company and as a staffing agency, Allied Forces is here to help you keep your temporary employees engaged. There are 8 traits of engaged employees that can help with a company’s productivity.

Focused. Employees who are engaged don’t let distractions in on the job jeopardize their work.

Takes initiative. Upon completion of a project or task, an employee that is engaged shows initiative to take on other projects without being asked.

Does not complain. Engaged employees don’t complain about their tasks or their job.

Does not make excuses. Employees that take responsibility for their actions and do not make excuses if there is an error or problem.

Very enthusiastic. When a new task or project is given, engaged employees show excitement to be given a new project or responsibility.

Truthful. Truthful employees do not make up stories to cover up mistakes.

Helpful. Employees that are willing to help others rather than hurt them or compete with them are considered to be a great asset to any company.

Does not gossip. Engaged employees do not entertain gossip that could destroy the company morale.

Keeping contingent workers engaged will decrease your employee turnover. Decreased employee turnover will save your company a lot of money and time invested into employees. Allied Forces is a leader in staffing solutions with over 30 years of experience in the temporary staffing industry. We are temporary staffing pros focused on matching the right temporary employee to the right jobs without affecting a business’s day-to-day productivity.

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