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The Evolution of Recruitment & Hiring

Posted on: January 12, 2018 Allied Forces January 3, 2019

The times have changed and so have the recruitment strategies. You may remember the days where you applied for a job from a newspaper ad. How many people do you know that still receive a daily newspaper and actually read it?

Websites and online listings are both a popular and effective approach for advertising open positions. However, many HR departments are diving a lot deeper when it comes to hiring. They are no longer just connecting the dots between the bullet points of a resume to the job description requirements.

Although the proper skillset is still valuable and important, hiring managers are strongly focused on areas that are much harder to teach, and that is personality and culture fit.

Out with the Old, In with the New

A company that focuses on growth seeks candidates that naturally share the same mission, values and culture. Meaningful individuals strive for more than just collecting a paycheck. They are passionate about their work and the success of the company they work for.

Conducting one interview is merely not going to cut it with this type of approach. Multiple interviews in different settings will show you who the candidate really is. People will tell you what you want to hear in the initial interview, but as time goes on and their comfort level rises, new information will stream your way in no time.

Unfortunately, the time commitment that comes with this approach inhibits many companies from using it. That is why we have seen such a rise in popularity with employment and temp agencies.

Why Use a Temp Agency?

In the past five years, temp agency employment has grown by over 10%. Due to the economy, the job market has become much more competitive with higher expectations. Not only first time job seekers or general laborers, but more and more seasoned professionals have come to temp agencies in the hopes of finding steady work.

Companies are turning to temp agencies for more than just temp employees. They are leaning on this industry for professional staffing services as well. Using a temp agency reduces a lot of hiring risks as well as saves the company time. It allows a company to use a diligent hiring approach without risking a waste of time invested.

Having the right temporary employee is very important for a business to success. A temp agency’s purpose is to match the right candidate to the job position and company. Allied Forces is a leader in staffing services with over 30 years of experience in the temporary employment industry. If you are interested in our temp services, call us at 855.423.8367.

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