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Human Resource Services

Posted on: January 12, 2018 Allied Forces January 3, 2019


Temp Agencies are an Extension of Human Resource Services

The human resources department could be the busiest group in a company. They are responsible for a number of different tasks including overseeing employee payroll and benefits, managing legal compliance, maintaining files and records for the company, hiring new employments and developing the new employees. Those are just a few of the human resources services the department does on a weekly basis. They are also in-charge of finding temporary workers to cover shortages or if extra help is needed for larger project. Human resources departments have to make sure that the business meets their bottom line even with the many variables that could happen on a daily basis.

Employment and temporary agencies work hand-in-hand with a company’s human resources department in order to get the right type of employees for the business’s needs. They are partners in finding employees that are a great fit for the temporary to permanent requirements of a company. Employment agencies also help with the hiring process for permanent employees by handling reviewing resumes to the pre-screening of candidates.

Outsourcing Human Resources Functions

Many companies see the value in outsourcing certain aspects of their human resources functions such as payroll, recruiting and hiring. Outsourcing human resources duties creates greater efficiency for a company’s systems. It allows employers and managers to spend less time doing paperwork and more time being dedicated to making their workforce and business more efficient.

One of the functions that HR departments can outsource quite easily is employee recruiting and hiring. A staffing agency can provide temporary, temp-to-hire or permanent workers for a company. The agency will perform the necessary recruiting, selecting and hiring process saving time and money for a company. Temporary staffing agencies know the most up-to-date industry information and employee expertise that even human resources departments might not have access to. The agencies train their workers in specific fields so there will not be a gap in a company’s productivity.

The hiring process can take quite a long time and can be costly. Busy human resources managers sometimes do not have the time to perform all of the necessary tasks to properly recruit new employees. That is where a staffing agency can help. Temp agencies will perform recruiting and screening tasks including application scanning and employment testing. They begin the hiring process helping with a company’s HR services. This creates both cost and time efficiencies for a business. Staffing companies also have a large network of available workers that can quickly and easily fill a temporary staffing need. For event or large project needs, a temporary staffing agency can help with the supervision on the project freeing up time for the company’s representatives to be focused on other tasks.

Outsourcing human resources departments’ hiring services to staffing agencies helps save costs and time. Allied Forces is a leader in staffing services with over 30 years of experience in the temporary staffing industry. We are proud to be working with many human resources departments in order to match the right employee for the job.

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