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How to Manage Temporary Employees

Posted on: January 12, 2018 Allied Forces January 3, 2019


The temporary workforce is growing rapidly and can be a great resource for any business. A temporary employee is seen as an extension of your business, so it is important that they are managed properly to stay legally compliant and work within a business’s long term goals. Hiring temporary workers can be a great way for a company to keep up with increased workload or larger projects without committing to hiring full time employees.

How to Manage Temporary Staff

Business’s partner with temporary staffing agencies to have access to employees that can fill in for employee vacation or leaves, be available for the busy season or assist with large projects. Investing in your employees, both permanent and temporary is a must. Learning how to manage a temporary staff member is important to a business’s success.

  • Have all of the necessary paperwork prepared for the temporary employee for their first day of employment. Some of the paperwork can be filled out at the temporary staffing agency, while other types of paperwork will depend on the industry that are being placed in.
  • Inform the permanent staff of your company that you will be hiring temporary staff. The temporary employee needs to know who they are working with and who they should be reporting to if there are any issues. Give the employee the proper training about that company so they will feel comfortable coming into the office and being part of the culture. But, do not give away too much information about the business.
  • Create clear goals at the start of the temporary worker’s project. This will include a job description and any possibilities of growing to a permanent position.
  • Remember that the employee is temporary. They will need to be kept on task. Do not overload them with extra work.
  • Give the temporary staff member informal and formal feedback on how they are doing and how they can improve.
  • A key component in managing temporary workers is to give the temporary employee encouragement to apply what they know and what they are learning to do in their jobs. Measure their success and hold them accountable for their jobs.
  • Make sure to find the right temporary staffing agency. The staffing agency will be up-to-date on the latest hiring and human resources laws.
  • Temporary employees need proper training to accurately represent a company. Make sure that the temps are capable of carrying out their responsibilities.
  • One of the key factors of managing temporary workers is that they have been trained in the latest job safety. This would include having the proper safety equipment, take part in safety training programs and other safety initiatives

Managing Temporary Workers

Allied Forces has over 30 years of experience in the temporary staffing industry. We are focused on matching the right employee to the right jobs so that a business can focus on their business and not staffing problems. We can find qualified employees for both short-term and long term employment needs. Allied Forces offers the best temporary services to the cities that we serve. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all of our placements. This includes the basic training and the tools needed to make our temporary staff successful.

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