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How To Prepare Your Staff for a Temporary Employee

Posted on: January 12, 2018 Allied Forces January 19, 2018


Hiring a temporary employee can present challenges as it is an adjustment for everyone. It is important that the temp feels welcomed and included on the team. However, some employees may feel uncomfortable or even threatened by a newcomer.

One of the main priorities for management during this time is communication. Communicating your plan for a temp employee will eliminate the surprise factor and prevent any negative assumptions. Properly preparing your internal team will give them and the temp employee a more positive experience.

Here are some helpful tips to follow before onboarding a temp employee:

  • Give the team notice before the temp arrives. Being caught off guard can be overwhelming, especially if the temp is going to change the normal rhythm. Without being told in advance, the team may be uninclined to help with training and assisting the temporary employee.
  • Explain the reasoning for needing additional staff. People will naturally have questions and it’s best to address the issue right away. Allowing them to wonder or assume could create tension if they feel like they are being replaced or are not doing a good enough job. Explain why they are needed and how they will help the overall picture.
  • Give them assurance. Hiring employees to do a similar job may lead them to believe their job is at risk. Ease their concerns and ensure them that their jobs are not being jeopardized and that their roles have not changed.
  • Remind your team that hiring temporary staff will benefit them. Make sure to list the benefits this will bring to current. Whether that means a lesser work load or a decrease in long work hours, how will this temp employee make their work life better? An unbalanced work life is a common cause of job dissatisfaction.
  • Allow their opinions to be heard. Encourage your staff to communicate them with you in regards to the temp employee. Be willing to listen if they have comments, questions or concerns.

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