A Commitment to Job Safety

We’re Committed to Establish Job Site Safety for Your Business

Allied Forces is committed to sending you the best workers for the job at hand, whatever it takes. We fulfill this commitment by being firm in our safety requirements and training to establish job safety. Not only does this mean that you receive a competent, trained employee, but avoiding preventable injuries also ensures that we can continue to offer quality temporary labor at a fair price.

Our safety program covers these bases:

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Not only do employees arrive with the proper skills for the job, but they also arrive with the right standard safety equipment. If the job requires hard hats, goggles or other personal protective equipment, Allied Forces provides it to the employee free of charge and requires that it be worn.
  • Safety Training Program: All of our branches regularly conduct safety training programs using videos and handouts for a variety of subjects, including Hazard Communications. This ensures that employees have foundational safety knowledge, which we respectfully invite our customers to extend by offering any additional site-specific training.
  • Knowledgeable Staff Consultants: Our Safety Director can help make your job sites safer by developing relevant training and monitoring safe work performance. Additionally, our Risk Management Team is available to help you identify suitable medical care locations and assist with managing workers’ compensation claims.*
  • Safety Pledges and Recognition: Employees pledge to provide a drug-free work environment and report unsafe conditions. Our staff safety committees provide program oversight and give safety awards to temporary employees who complete accident-free periods. We also provide all employees with information regarding medical treatment facilities and Hazard Communications.

We know how big a difference a rigorous safety program can make for your company’s work, which is why job safety is at the heart of everything we do. We ask all customers to join us in our safety partnership, which creates a shared commitment to safe practices. Use our location finder to locate Allied Forces employment agencies near your business and learn more about our dedication to job safety today.

*Allied Forces provides workers’ compensation for any employees we send

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