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4 Tips on How to Motivate Your Temp Workers

Posted on: October 30, 2019 Allied Forces October 30, 2019

If your company uses temp workers, you know they can give your business an extra helping hand during busy times. But given the nature of these positions, it can be tough to manage temp employees. Most are only with your company for a short time. So, you’re left wondering how to motivate temp workers?

The truth is, many temp workers are using the position as a way to gain experience for their career. How does that help you as a manager? Well, just because it’s a temporary position doesn’t mean temp workers aren’t motivated to give their best effort.

There’s an old saying, “attitude reflects leadership”. In this post, we’re going to give you a crash course on temporary staffing management. That way, your company can get the most out of your temp workers. Keep reading to explore all our helpful tips.

1. Treat Temp Workers Like Regular, Full-Time Employees

It’s natural to treat temp workers differently than your permanent workforce. They’re only with you for a short time and are likely to not be as engrained in the company culture. But one of the best tips for temporary staffing management is treating them like any other employee.

For starters, don’t call them a “temp”. Invest the time to learn their names and do your best to make them part of the team. That means inviting them to meetings and introducing them to other people around the office. By setting this example as the manager, it can help other employees follow your lead.

What’s the benefit of treating temp workers like your other employees? The short answer is productivity. By being treated like the rest of your workforce, temp workers will be more motivated to excel in the role you’ve given them.

2. Give Your Temp Workers the Tools for Success

When you bring on temp workers, it’s easy for them to fly under the radar. They might not receive formal training and in some cases, don’t even meet with the HR department. But, if you want your temp workers to provide more value, it’s time to change that policy.

Start by creating an on-boarding program for temp workers. It doesn’t have to be as involved as your other employee training. By having a set training process to follow, your temp workers will be ready to make a positive impact on your business.

Another easy temporary staffing management tip is to pair up your temp workers with an employee for the first week. It’s a great way for temp workers to get the lay of the land. Your regular employees will also have the benefit of getting some extra training experience under their belt.

3. Provide Honest Feedback

No matter what kind of employee they are, most people are looking for ways to improve. As we mentioned above, many temp workers are looking to build experience for their careers. Which means, they’re hungry for productive feedback from their manager.

We’re not suggesting giving them a full-blown performance review. Take 15 minutes each week to email or discuss any feedback or tips you have about their performance. By investing this time, your temp workers will be more motivated to succeed, and the quality of their work can improve, as well. And if a permanent position ever needs to be filled, you’ll have a list of reliable candidates to work from.

4. Set the Right Expectations

Many temp workers take positions in hopes that they might turn into permanent jobs. It’s best practice as their manager to set the right expectation. If a permanent job is possible, let them know. The same rule goes for when there isn’t. If the position is only short-term, be up front and honest about it.

The last thing you want is a temp worker thinking they were working for a full-time job, only to be sent out the door later. If the job is only temporary, there are still incentives you can use to motivate your temp workers. For example, you could offer a letter of recommendation to temp workers who excelled in their roles at the end of their contract. Small gestures like this can keep people motivated even when they know their time with the company is limited.

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