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What Is Temp to Hire?

Posted on: January 12, 2018 Allied Forces January 3, 2019


Temp to Hire Definition

Companies and businesses have unique staffing needs. They hire a temporary agency for a variety of reasons including assisting in large workloads or projects, covering for an employee during a planned or unplanned absence and helping during the busy season. Staffing agencies can provide a number of options to help with temporary staffing including on-demand temporary help, temp to hire solutions and permanent placement. Temp to hire is a staffing solution that is becoming more popular in many industries. The temp to hire agreement will vary a bit based on the employment circumstances, but in general it is an employment hiring concept where a company plans to make a temporary employee a permanent hire after a predetermined amount of time. It allows a company to evaluate an employee’s performance on the job before making a final hiring decision. Today, many temp to hire jobs are turning into permanent positions at a higher rate than ever before.

Temp to Hire Agencies

Temporary to hire agencies will help reduce the hiring workload for human resources departments for the company, which helps the company save time and money. The agencies will have the qualified and trained employee already on their staff. The agency will have already completed the recruiting and hiring process. Hiring agencies are up-to-date on employment trends, law changes and recruitment best practices that a company’s Human Resources department might not be aware of. They can train their temporary staff in the latest industry trends and technology making it easier for a company to continue with their day-to-day productivity.

Temp to Hire Staffing Benefits

Hiring temp agencies can provide their client companies with a wide variety of staffing services to meet all the needs of the business. There are many benefits of using a temp to hire staffing solution for both businesses and for future temporary employees.

  • Flexibility for a company to access their true employment need-Do they really need a permanent employee to work on a project or just a temporary worker? Evaluate the actual workload.
  • Allows a company to immediately fulfill staffing needs via the temporary staffing agency. Staff can be hired based on need. A temporary employee can be a great “in the bullpen” future employee.
  • Allows a company to evaluate employees on the job performance. Is the person actually right for the job? Do they fit in with the rest of the team? Do they have the correct skills that are needed for the job?
  • The company can save on overhead costs including payroll, benefits and employee-related expenses. It will also save time and costs related to the recruiting and hiring process.
  • Gives the employee a chance to learn much about the company where they have been placed temporarily. They can learn new skills, learn about the company’s corporate culture, and decide if they like the work and are able to get along with their co-workers.
  • The temporary employee can network with other employees and build a relationship with them in order to become a permanent member of the staff.

A temp to hire staffing agency’s purpose is to match the right candidate to the job position. Using Temp to hire staffing solution means that the company can have more flexibility when they need new employees. Allied Forces is a leader in staffing services with over 30 years of experience in the temporary staffing industry. We are focused on matching the right temporary employee for the right jobs so that a business will not have to worry about their productivity during a staffing shortage.

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